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Resend Policy

Guarantee Re-send Policy 

Can I return and exchange items?
Since all products are made to order (we start making your goods at time of order, and do not keep inventory of any covers). So, we'll guarantee the goods all have been strict test one by one before shipping, if there's damage products you have received, we'll re-send new products for free. Also, it is the customer’s responsibility to order the right size, color, style to us.
If you have any problems with your order please contact us, who will give you reasonable suggestions.
Can I return for refund?
The products on our website you ordered are all tailored according to your requirement. We can not arrange return and refund to the customers if you order wrong model, size, quantities. Unless obvious quality problem with the products you  order, you can contact our company's services for re-send free. If you have such problems, please feel free to Contact Us.

To return for refund will increase lot of extra charge, if you have any problem of our products or services, please contact us at once.
What does the re-send item include?
Several conditions must be met before we will re-send item. We also take responsible for a full refund is not met. Also note that some of our special items are non-resendable. You should also call our Customer Support Hot-line and one of our customer representatives will be glad to clarify for you.

We'll have tracking number for the delivery, and when you received the items, please check the quality, color, design, size and quantities then feedback to us, if there's any problem, we'll be willing to give you  a reasonable suggestions.

To re-send new items include the package charge by us. We'll have to confirm the problem details. Therefore, it's customer's responsibility to take pics, send back damage item for us. After details confirm, we'll producing and re-send new items to you in one week.

For sample order, we'll not guarantee for re-send new products for free, however, your charge shipping fees will include to return in your bulk order next time.